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vineri, 28 iunie 2019

RELEASE DATE : 28.06.2019
GAME TYPE    : MUCH Action and Zombies
PROTECTION   : woof Steam
DISCS        : One!

In KILLING FLOOR 2, players descend into continental Europe
where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech\'s failed
experiment has quickly spread and gained unstoppable
momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union-
Just one month after the events in the original
KILLING FLOOR, the specimen clones are everywhere
and civilization is in disarray; communications
have failed, governments have collapsed, and
military forces have been systematically eradicated.
The people of Europe know survival and self-preservation
too well and lucky survivors have gone into hiding.

Such standalone. Such included stuffz. Such unnecessary! woof!

1. Pls to unrar
2. Very mount & install. Run extra installers after setup!
3. Such copy crack
4. Much play so wow

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