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duminică, 30 iunie 2019

Stardrop v1.1 (Content update)
(c) Joure Visser

30-06-2019......Release Date <-> Protection.................Steam
Adventure..........Game Type <-> Disk(s)...................1 DISC


When John and Aryn take on a seemingly routine salvage mission they
could have never guessed what they would find. As Aryn boards the
mysterious ship she quickly learns that this old yet highly advanced
vessel will send her on an adventure that will change her life forever.

New in v1.1:

NEW: Crew Quarters Section
For those who have played the game and learned about the \"Med Bay\"
section which was closed off, it\'s now accessible. However it\'s not
called the Med Bay anymore, instead it\'s now a connector. You will
receive a notification at the right time and place if you play throuh
the game normally or if you use the Chapter Selection and select
STARDROP Unlocked.

This new hallway leads to the Med Bay (which is still locked) and the
Crew Quarters. You\'ll be able to learn a little bit more about how
some of the crew members have been dealing with the situation at the
time as well as being able to find a few more souvenirs. I also did my
best to make this place feel lived in. The rooms in there display a
lot of individual personality traits.

On top of that I also added a video inside the level somewhere in the
form of the \"STARDROP Production Report\". It\'s a bit of a mix between
a behind the scenes video and an interview. We did a live stream way
back in 2016 and I cut it up and made something more interesting out
of it. You\'ll be able to watch it in the game itself but you have to
work a little for it. I will eventually make that video public on
YouTube but for now only the die-hards of you will be able to check it

You will also be able to pay a visit to the Holo_Lounge where you can
listen to your collection of the OST and enjoy the Holo-Panels which
displays space vistas.

Fixes And Tweaks
UI Elements
I have tweaked some UI elements regarding the HUD and the subtitles.
I tweaked these widgets to allow a wider aspect ratio compatibility.
I am also working on extending that to the HUD itself but that\'s a lot
more work so it will take some time. Below you can see how it looks on
standard 1080 resolution and on an ultra-wide resolution.


Ultra Wide:

Dev-Blog DataPads
One of the new things I added are these developer commentary DataPads
throughout the game. They add a little bit of insight into my thought
processes and explanations regarding game and/or level design

I think they\'re a fun little addition and I hope you\'ll have fun
reading them and learn some stuff a bout the game. There are currently
ten of them to be found but I might expand that number at some point,

They look like this:

NEW: Two Souvenir Items have been added in the CRew Quarters section.
NEW: Connector and Crew Quarter sections added to the game.
NEW: Yellow colored Dev-Blog DataPads have been placed throughout the
TWEAKED: The subtitles UI element has been recreated to deal with more
varied aspect ratios.
TWEAKED: The main menu has also been tweaked to allow for more diverse
aspect ratios. The main HUD is also on the list of being
TWEAKED: The STARDROP infomercial has been recreated which now shows
the actual STARDROP itself.
FIXED: The Gamepad can now be used during Ido\'s camera section.


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder and into the main
install folder and overwrite
5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
secure/trusted in your antivirus program
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
7. Remember to run game with admin rights - especially on drive C:
8. Play the game

To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 3.00 GHz / AMD CPU 3 GHZ
Memory: 8 GB RAM GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB (AMD Radeon HD 7970 or Nvidia GeForce 1060)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space

OS:  Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10
Processor:  Intel CPU Core i7 2.5 GHz / AMD CPU 3,5 GHz
Memory:  16 GB RAM GB RAM
Graphics:  2GB (AMD GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series or Nvidia GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080)
DirectX:  Version 12
Storage:  15 GB available space

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